Article written about Genesis September 2016

Genesis Children’s Theatre Brings Excitement and Positivity to Children Involved

By Courtney Clark

Plano is home to Genesis Children’s Theatre, a theatre that produces plays performed by children and teens. Programming is selective, focusing on shows that teach life lessons and remain family-friendly. Voted Best Children’s Theatre by the readers of Plano Magazine, Genesis is a top-notch children’s theatre with excellent directors and instructors.

Artistic Director Megan Demsky started Genesis in 2010 with her mother. “We felt that we had something to offer,” Demsky says of their decision to open the theatre. “I grew up in children’s theatre, and by association, my mother did, too. I loved performing and I still do.” Armed with a background in children’s theatre and a genuine interest to spread the joy of performing arts, Megan and her mother decided to open Genesis.

“I truly wanted to help young performers discover the potential that was inside of them”, claims Demsky.

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Genesis named in Best Places to take an Acting Class

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