Take a Class!

Our classes are small… and we design it that way! We limit enrollment capacity. Smaller student/director ratio enables our directors to get to know your student and coach them with purpose. And let’s not forget, classes are FUN! Classes let everyone have a voice. Whether a scene study class, an audition technique or an acting class, acting classes are essential for every actor’s growth.

See a Show!

Cheaper than Broadway and a much better view of the show! Situated in our intimate 80 seat, thrust style theatre, audience members delight in being able to see every facial expression and hear every word. Our shows feature top notch, well rehearsed talent and creativity not seen in any other theatre.

About Genesis!

We have some pretty stellar people working at Genesis making theatre magic! Created in 2010 by mother and daughter team, Neicole Woodall and Megan Demsky, Genesis has touched hundreds of lives, changed dozens of families and continues to go strong. In 2016, over 2,500 votes from our community pushed us to be voted “Plano’s BEST Children’s Theatre” by Plano Magazine! Since then, we have gone on to win the award for the past 3 years in a row!

Genesis Children's Theatre


“Theatre training is also human training!” -Meg Sullivan, Director at Genesis

We believe in the Power of Theater
We believe our work should be rich with wonder, honesty, compassion, joy, humor and wisdom

We are Dedicated to Excellence
We strive for professionalism and outstanding artistry in all our efforts

We Provide a Supportive, Nurturing, Safe Environment For All Who Pass Through Our Doors
We treat everyone with equal respect, courtesy and care

We Are Dedicated To Financial Strength
We believe continued financial strength is paramount to our success

We believe in the Educational Power of the Arts
We believe the arts are central to learning and that they delight, enlighten and enchant